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Osprey Games' Undaunted: Battle of Britain's cover art.

Osprey Games Releases Undaunted: Battle of Britain on June 13

Osprey Games is bringing another instalment in the Undaunted series, with the fight taking to the skies of battle in the aptly named Battle of Britain. The two-player game, which is coming on June 13, and designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin, will focus on the namesake Battle of Britain when fighter jets roared over the country as the German Luftwaffe fought the...
Osprey Games' Undaunted: Battle of Britain's cover art.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain Takes Fights to the Skies

“Undaunted: Battle of Britain” is taking to the skies in the latest addition in the series. Designed by Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson and published by Osprey Games, the game is set to arrive in 2023 and pit players against each other in an aerial battle of cat and mouse. Fight as RAF or Luftwaffe to Realize Your Goals “Battle of...