Disney Lorcana's Healing Glow card.
Image credit: Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana, the upcoming trading card game featuring Disney characters and aspiring to be a Magic: The Gathering competitor, has revealed a new card. “Healing Glow” is an Action card that is played once before it’s exhausted and it allows you to remove 2 damage from a character, hinting at how damage will work in the game.

Damage in Disney Lorcana Likely to Be Persistent

While Disney Lorcana’s rules are still very much the subject of speculation, the trickle of card releases over the past few months has offered us some insight into what to expect from at least some of the core mechanics. Healing Glow suggests that if anything, the damage will be persistent and will carry over into each round of the game, unlike games such as Magic: The Gathering where damage is simply erased at the end of a player’s turn.

To play Healing Glow, players will have to cover a cost of 1. The card is part of the so-called The First Chapter, which is what Disney is calling its first 200-card set for the game that has been confirmed for an August release. Disney is not going it alone, though, as the company has contracted Ravensburger, an established publisher, which will help the company oversee the development process and launch.

Disney and Ravensburger are hoping to create a game that is actually as competitive as Pokémon Trading Card Game and Magic: The Gathering, while also leveraging the popularity of the Disney intellectual property and its many franchises. This seems to already be working with some of the few available collector set editions for Lorcana fetching some insane sums on eBay.

Meanwhile, both Disney and Ravensburger seem to be in it for the long term, with the companies already setting out plans to have a busy release schedule every year and introduce players to new ways to craft their decks. As a true TCG game, players will have to hunt down their own cards, explore various deck options, and generally build more powerful decks with every new season of new card releases.

A total of 60 cards are needed to construct a Disney Lorcana deck with more trickles of information continuing to come through. Last week, the company revealed its first “item” card, “Magic Mirror.”

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