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Disney Lorcana, the much ballyhooed Magic: The Gathering rival with a cartoonish flourish, finally has a release date for retail this summer. Gen Con attendees and local stores in specific markets will be among the first to list the new game and make it available to customers who may be willing to give the new product a chance.

Lorcana Set to Arrive in Multiple Versions in August

Lorcana has the ambition to take on some of the biggest collectible and trading card games in the industry, a promise that may be difficult to uphold. Yet, Disney and Ravensburg, the original franchise owner and a prominent board games publisher respectively, are fairly confident that the marriage of cut-throat competition and cartoonish characters will find an audience amongst card gamers and perhaps existing Disney franchise fans.

Shops in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany should see a general launch take place on August18, with Gen Con hosted in Indianapolis offering early copies on August 3 and August 6. A general retail release will take place on September 1.

The initial launch will feature 200 game cards which will be available in several products, including starter and booster packs, and a few special editions along the way. The first seven cards were already revealed in September last year. IGN, which did the original reporting, was able to provide further detail into what customers can expect to see in the first release.

What’s in the Upcoming Lorcana Boxes and Sets?

Those will include starter decks that will feature 60 cards each, spread across several main decks, to name Emerald and Ruby, Steel and Sapphire, Amber, and Amethyst. Each deck will also arrive with a booster of 12 randomized cards representing different tears.

For those looking to commit a little more from the very start, there is the Illumineer’s Trove, which is a collectible set featuring eight booster packs, two deck boxes, a storage box, and player’s guide. Essentially, everything you need to get down and playing. There will be four set launched each year – at least for now, with the upcoming release dubbed as “The First Chapter” by Ravensburg.

Disney Lorcana is definitely going to be of interest to even the biggest skeptics this summer if only so they can say “I told you so.”

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