A number of cards for the upcoming DIsney Lorcana TCG game.
Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Disney Lorcana has as many as 14 cards revealed to date and, the game which is coming to hobby stores this summer, has just offered a glimpse of its first item card, “Magic Mirror.” 

Magic Mirror is keyworded with “Speak!” and allows players to draw a card, with a catch line pulled right from the Disney universe: “What wouldst thou know, my Queen?” For stoked fans of the upcoming TCG, perhaps a glimpse at the game’s rules would be something they would be happy to find out.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

But with no rules in sight just yet, the hype has been mounting for fans who will get a first crack at the inaugural sets on August 18. Meanwhile, what is known for this new card is that it’s not a character like the other reveals so far. Essentially, the card is a buff or benefit of some sort that players will use to strengthen their presence in the game.

The Magic Mirror also gives four resources to the player. Once you play it, though, you exhaust it. The First Chapter will be the first of the available sets, but Ravensburger plans to push out as many as four Disney Lorcana sets every year, starting probably in 2024. The news arrives amid mounting interest in the games.

Some D23 expo copies of the collector sets have already been selling for anything between $10,000 and $20,000 on eBay as true Disney fans have been looking to not miss on anything of a collectable value. There have already been a bunch of familiar faces revealed, with characters such as Robin hood, Captain Hook, Stitch, Else, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and Mickey Mouse revealed. 

More Characters from the Disney Universe Manifest in Lorcana 

Mulan, Hercules, Aladdin, Aurora, Simba, and other iterations of popular characters such as Maleficent – in both her human and dragon form, and Mickey Mouse, both in his original and Sorcerer’s Apprentice forms, were also introduced. The game has also raised some questions among more hardcore TCG players who have questioned whether Disney Lorcana is really prepared to commit to a specific niche.

Even though it’s styled as a Magic: The Gathering competitor, some sceptics noted that Disney and Ravensburger are seemingly reluctant to tell fans who may be interested that they would need to play very competitively in order to enjoy the game to its fullest. With no magic mirror to ask, all we can do is wait and see. 

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