Wyrdhollow, the latest Warhammer Underworlds expansion
Image credit: Games Workshop

The new season of Warhammer: Underworlds would have players venture even further into the depths of Gnarlwood, all the way down to the hellish arcane roots of Wyrdhollow, where glorious treasures and their deadly guardians await.

The launch set will introduce two whole new warbands – the Stormcast Domitan’s Stormcoven and the gruesomely daemonic Ephilim’s Pandaemonium. Each of them will have their dedicated Rivals decks, which we will look at in detail at a later time, along with the new universal Rivals decks – Seismic Shock and Toxic Terrors. Options, options, options!

The New Hex Brings New Plays and Strategies

In theme with the ever-changing carnivorous environment of living roots and monstrosities that is the Gnarlwood comes a new kind of danger – the Snare Hex. These formations of bloody roots will snare and stagger anyone standing on them, be it willingly or unwillingly.

As we can see, whenever a unit either moves onto or is “helped” into its red-dashed border, that unit becomes staggered. While not as immediately deadly as lethal hexes, the Snare Hex provides some insane combo opportunities. It is not to be underestimated and is definitely something the players will have to play around.

Two New Action Types Bring New Strategies and Combo Setups

It is no secret that there are some pretty beefy units in Warhammer: Underworlds (well, Warhammer in general). A lot of players will attest that dealing with such units is sometimes quite cumbersome and time-consuming. To help deal with such units, as well as open new lethal combos and plays, here come the new Actions!

 The new Stun and Barge actions are played the same way as the traditional Move, Attack, Charge, and Guard. As we can see, Stun places a Stagger token on any enemy unit adjacent to your own, which lets you re-roll one dice in an attack or cast roll for insane amounts of damage!

Barge essentially combines the Move and Stun actions. It is very similar to Charge, but with a twist – Barge staggers an enemy unit but also staggers the unit that performed the action. The strategic potential is there – you can take advantage of units that are out of position by closing the distance on them very quickly and delivering devastating damage. Just be careful it’s not an ambush, as the one being devastated might just be you if you’re not careful.

Dead Cards? Not a Problem!

 The final surprise is the inclusion of the Salvage mechanic, which allows players to discard a useless card to draw a new card in its place. No longer will players be restricted, or forced to play a power card, delve a feature token, or pass a turn entirely. Salvage also works for gambit spells, if there aren’t any wizards capable of casting them.

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