Warhammer Underworlds Skabbik's Plaguepack.
Image: Games Workshop

Warhammer Underworlds, the miniatures skirmish game set in the Age of Sigmar universe, is about to get bigger with another warband coming to Wyrdhollow. The Skabbik’s Plaguepack, a race of rodents who have been dispatched to the bowls of Gnarlwood, where the enchanted magic of Wyrdhollow rests, are joining the fray and what they lack in physical strength they more than make in cunning and disease-spilling.

This aside, Skabbik’s Plaguepack is a warband that will combine aggressive with objective play, as players sort of try to cope with some of their natural ineptitudes. The Plaguepack are a race of skaven and they are squishy and inaccurate, but they have a remarkably satisfying gameplay that poses challenges to your opponents – and grants you different paths to victory if played smartly.

Skabbik Plagueseeker, the new Warhammer Underworlds warband.
Image: Games Workshop

They navigate Wyrdhollow with deadly cunning that has cost everything to anyone that has got in their path. The Skabbik Plagueseeker, for example, will trigger stagger to every opponent that is adjacent to him during the start of his turn, and he can benefit greatly from Inspire, as this adds more to his defence, and makes sure he can hit a little harder, too.

Skabbik Plagueseeker goes well with Disgusting Appearance and Rotted Flesh, two new cards that will ensure that the Plagueseeker is a continuous nuisance in your opponent’s face.

Rabidius, the new Warhammer Underworlds warband
Image: Games Workshop

He is joined by Rabidius Skench who a zealot in fights is but has trouble keeping up the pace of the fight as he is quite squishy as well. He benefits from upgrades such as Glorious Sacrifice, Bursting Sores, and Screaming Lunatic, which are all featured with the Warband. He deflects and boosts his own damage and can score more points for his warband as well.

Skabbik’s Plaguepack's Skritter, new Warhammer Underworlds warband.
Image: Games Workshop

There is also Skritter, who is another minion tossed into the fight, but not really offering that much. He can’t really attack much or hold an objective, but you can send him off to corrupt territories (which is important so that your warband gains the Inspired ability) and you can use this pestilent rodent to Stagger your foes. Skritter combines quite well with the Objective cards Useful Distraction and Blessed by Corruption which allow you to score even more points.

These are just some of the Skabbik’s Plaguepack members who will be joining the fray, with all three fighters backed by Itchitt, Poxlix, and Rikkit for some extra power. You can further boost your warband by using Rivals Decks and add a few useful cards such as Beatbound Assault or Fearsome Fortress, or Voidcursed Thralls.

With tons of Warhammer Underworlds warbands to pick from, the Skabbik’s Plaguepack may yet be your favorite!

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