A diorama of Age of Sigmar Warhammer miniatures.
Image: Games Workshop

This year’s Warhammer Fest had some interesting reveals in regards to the Age of Sigmar universe, despite the main focus being Warhammer 40,000 and the much anticipated 10th Edition, with the massive Leviathan Starter Set being the main attraction. That doesn’t mean that the Age of Sigmar was ignored by any means, as Games Workshop revealed the new Dawnbringers books and the franchise’s 2023 roadmap. Here is the awesome trailer for the new exciting narrative, dubbed “The Twin-Tailed Crusade”:

For those unfamiliar with the narrative, the Dawnbringer Crusades’ main goal is to reconquer lands lost to Chaos in the name of God-King Sigmar. The Twin-Tailed Crusade bears its name from the Twin-Tailed City in Hammerhal and its upcoming Dawnbringer Crusade of staggering proportions – it is a multi-pronged expedition that plans to bring Sigmar’s vision to Aqshy and Ghyran at the same time. It is there that this new epic saga begins.  It is clear that Games Workshop is looking to mimic the success of Warhammer 40,000’s Arks of Omen series. Fans of both franchises will be quick to spot the similarities between Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar’s current lore state, as both carry the theme of “reconquest”.

Dawnbringers Book I: Harbingers tracks the stories of four particular heralds and their campaigns and battles across Aqshy and Ghyran. In Dawnbringers, they will each get special rules, likely spread on datasheets, per 10th Edition standards. Additionally, each one can also be taken as part of their very own unique Regiment of Renown. And as if that wasn’t enough, there will be a new Path to Glory battle pack with new epic quests, territory rules, veteran abilities, and a total of six battleplans.

The Forces of Order Get a New Hero and Cavalry Line

The forces of Sigmar will get a brand new unit in the form of the Freeguild Cavaliers, heavy-armored knights who are sure to trample all the enemies or Order. As you can see in their epic trailer, the miniatures are extremely detailed and offer a glimpse of the new canopy of war of the Sigmarite factions.

Backing them up is the brand new Fyreslayer force of Fjori and his Grimhold Exiles, a rare sight from a fallen Magmahold, these mighty warriors wield weapons imbued with their magmahold’s portion of the Master Flame known as the Zharrkhul. They are sure to unleash fire and fury on all their enemies.

The Forces of Chaos, Death, and Destruction Follow Closely Behind

The forces of Chaos, Destruction, and Death are also getting some upgrades, with some exciting models being revealed in Warhammer Fest. Let’s start with Braggit Big-Talka, the Rabble-Rouza, who packs a very unique and gorgeous-looking model. He and the other Rabble-Rouzas are sure to cause some mayhem in the lines of the forces of Order. Additionally, the Orruks will have some serious backup with the mighty Maw-grunta – a boar-like no other!

Continuing on, Sir Jerrion – Marrowscroll Herald represents the Flesh-Eater Courts (and the forces of Death) in a big way, moving across the lands with his fellow Heralds, spreading the “good message” to anyone who would listen, acting as vectors for the madness of the forces of Death.

And last, but certainly not least, we bring to your attention the new Maggotkin of Nurgle hero – Phlugoth The Miser, Harbinger Of Decay. His name is quite the mouthful, but rightfully so. He is perhaps the biggest threat to the Dawnbringers, as the herald of Nurgle’s wrath. Unlike his patron God, Phlugoth is as emotionless and stoic as Death itself. With his entourage, he delivers death and decay for the forces of Chaos to anyone who dares to enter Ghyran.

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