Warhammer 40K 10th edition.
Image credit: Games Workshop

The 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 has been revealed, and it’s bringing big and exciting changes, with some people calling it the biggest rules revision to date.

The first major reveal was that all the core and index rules for armies will be completely free, forever. This is quite possibly the fan-favorite, this change is already being called a real game changer, especially for new players looking to save some money.

Continuing the topic of budget play, Games Workshop also announced a new game mode called Combat Patrol – a beginner-friendly mode with simplified rules and less point-sized squads. This is something that 40k was missing for quite the while and is sure to bring fresh blood to the game.

New Edition: New Rules, Streamlined to Perfection

Following these massive reveals, the main topic during the reveal was that the rules of Warhammer 40k will be streamlined. Games Workshop acknowledged the fact that the game has a massive learning curve for newcomers, which has caused some people to quit the hobby outright. Note that “streamlined” does not mean “easy”. In fact, Games Workshop did state that the streamlining of the rules will not reduce the tactical depth and richness of the game.

This streamlining means a complete overhaul to 40k’s rules, with incoming changes to almost all core game mechanics: terrain, turn structure, missions and many more. These changes aim to make every single game model more impactful, or as 40k’s studio head Stu Black puts it – every model will have a “clear battlefield role and a thing for it to do”. Naturally, this is applicable from the very basic model to named heroic characters, with the intention of simplifying and intensifying the interactions they have with other units in each player’s army.

In the spirit of streamlining and simplification, the 10th Edition will revamp datasheets almost entirely. According to Games Workshop, the rules for each unit will now be fitted on a single card, while rules for an entire army will be made able to comfortably fit on a single page – avoiding the need for players to constantly look up rules specifics during games.

In addition to that, Black added that in the 10th Edition, all the units will have their stats updated, giving players a fresh feel for the game, as well as addressing the more important issue of game balance.

New Lore: Accurate Unit Models

But the news didn’t stop there – there will also be a massive inclusion of brand new game models for each faction, which will be more lore-accurate. They will be based around the fourth Tyrannic War, the latest (and biggest) conflict between the Space Marines and the Tyranids.

As a final surprise, the 10th Edition will also bring an upgrade to their digital toolkit’s Army Builder app – a welcome change, as the existing one was found to be rather lackluster.

Warhammer 40,000’s 10th Edition will launch this summer.

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