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Halloween: The Board Game by Trick or Treat Studios.

Halloween: The Board Game Pays Homage to 1978 Horror Movie

Video games have been adapted into a number of board games recently, from Monster Hunter: Iceborne to Call of Duty, to Apex Legends, to Assassin’s Creed to frankly more games that we have the time to list here. Now, a new medium is crossing the veil with the tabletop hobby with the popular 1978 horror movie, Halloween, and its timeless...
The box and art cover for Trick or Treat Studios' Gold West 2nd edition.

Trick or Treat Studios Brings Gold West Second Edition to Retail

Trick or Treat Studios is bringing a classic with Gold West by designer J. Alex Kevern back to retail for a second edition. The game will have you step into the role of moustachioed prospectors who are hopeful of turning their fortunes around by finding enough precious metals to build an empire. New Mechanic, Familiar Setting, and Competitive Gold Rush Players...