Halloween: The Board Game by Trick or Treat Studios.
Image: Trick or Treat Studios

Video games have been adapted into a number of board games recently, from Monster Hunter: Iceborne to Call of Duty, to Apex Legends, to Assassin’s Creed to frankly more games that we have the time to list here.

Now, a new medium is crossing the veil with the tabletop hobby with the popular 1978 horror movie, Halloween, and its timeless villain, Michael Myers, coming to a board game. Aptly called Halloween: The Board Game will invite 2-4 players to try the one-versus-many design with everyone trying to survive the terrifying killer on the loose.

One player will get to guide Myers’ character, stalking and killing the rest, while the players who play the survivors, will try to scurry throughout Haddonfield, a suburban town, and either kill Myers or save Lindsey and Tommy, the kids kidnapped by the maniac.

The game employs a secret movement mechanic, so you never know when you would run into Myers and become his next victim as you comb the streets and scour for useful items, such as weapons and provisions. Players will also frantically search for keys before they can jump in a car and speed off.

Michael Myers Will Claim His Pound of Flesh in Halloween: The Board Game

For those who want to push their luck, they may avoid all subtlety and just arm themselves and go head-to-head with Myers. The only way to locate Myers though is to have your model look directly at his, which is a sort of a throwback to how in the movie, Myers would appear subtly in scenes with the victims unaware.

He will be able to travel around the board unnoticed for this reason and strike against players when they least expect it. Victims shouldn’t feel too bad, though, as Myers will claim a few lives, but any players that lose a character, can return as new ones for as long as there are any left.

The publisher of the game, Trick or Treat Studios, is probably the best name to have when promoting this title. Besides, the studio has experience with designing horror games. As to the actual person doing the designing, we are talking Emerson Matsuuchi, who has worked on the Century game series, Foundations of Rome, Specter Ops, and many other delightful gems.

He is going to now add a bit of horror and wonder to your board game night with Michael Myers claiming his pound of flesh. Halloween: The Board Game is heading for retail release on August 1 and will cost $60.  Meanwhile, the studio is also releasing Gold West 2nd Edition in retail this month.

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