The box and art cover for Trick or Treat Studios' Gold West 2nd edition.
Image credit: Trick or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios is bringing a classic with Gold West by designer J. Alex Kevern back to retail for a second edition. The game will have you step into the role of moustachioed prospectors who are hopeful of turning their fortunes around by finding enough precious metals to build an empire.

New Mechanic, Familiar Setting, and Competitive Gold Rush

Players rush to collect copper, silver, and gold to acquire victory points and ensure that their mining empire continues to expand. Prospectors will also need timber and stone as some of the main materials in the game to ensure that they can continue to shore up their mines and research new excavation sites.

Players will also work on refining their products through a special supply track which allows them to make a long-term investment into the materials they have obtained. Then, you will also have to worry about shipping, more investments and fulfilling various tasks that create competitive gameplay of risk and reward.

All participants will try to establish an area of control and stake their claims to excavate the precious metals. Players can further gain special abilities and sell off their goods. In the second edition, players will also have to deal with an additional mode “Water,” adding even more balance choices and decisions to be made, along with the core mancala-style track that gives the game its unique charm and pull with the community.

Gold West is a game for 2-4 players and age groups 14+. The estimated playtime is 60 minutes and the game is expected to come to retail and sell at $59.95 this May.

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