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Age of Innovation, Terra Mystica game.

Terra Mystica Age of Innovation Set to Arrive in August and September

Terra Mystica Age of Innovation is finally available for pre-order from Capstone Games’ website, giving fans hope that they will finally have the opportunity to get their hands on the much-ballyhooed expansion. A New Streamlined Experience in the Terra Mystica Universe  The game’s fastest release will naturally be during GenCon in August, Twitter sources have suggested, with national versions, launching through September as well. Age of Innovation...
Terra Mystica gameplay

Cobalt Knight to Turn Terra Mystica into Screen Adaptation

Terra Mystica, one of the most popular strategy tabletop games, may be headed for the small or big screen – this remains to be seen. What is known for a fact, though, is that production company Cobalt Knight will look to offer a screen adaptation of the Capstone Games title, which includes a sequel, Gaia Project. And, the Terra...
Terra Mystica gameplay.

After Much Delay, New “Terra Mystica” Board Game Is Set to Come In 2023

This year’s SPIEL event in Essen, Germany, brought “Terra Mystica” fans much-anticipated news in regards to the upcoming “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” - the newest board game in the series. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2023, per information from last weekend’s SPIEL. “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” was originally scheduled for release in the second half...