Terra Mystica gameplay.
Image Source: Feuerland Spiele

This year’s SPIEL event in Essen, Germany, brought “Terra Mystica” fans much-anticipated news in regards to the upcoming “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” – the newest board game in the series. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2023, per information from last weekend’s SPIEL. “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” was originally scheduled for release in the second half of 2021, but unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the complications surrounding it, the release was delayed into 2022. It would seem that despite the slight loosening of the COVID-19 restrictions, board game studios are still experiencing difficulties with the ongoing global shipping and production delays.

In some positive news, “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” will be a standalone title, which means it won’t require the original 2012 game in order to be played. In addition, the gameplay is rumored to be “Terra Mystica on steroids”.

Updated Mechanics, Same Hard-Core Gameplay

“Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” will be built on the original “Terra Mystica”’s “no-luck involved” mechanics and gameplay, which reward tactical planning and strategy. In the original game, players aim to control the best area possible via clever use of resource management, expansionism and most importantly – terraforming – in order to best fit their chosen people’s needs. There are seven different landscapes, suitable for only two of the 14 total people:

  • Deserts, suitable for the Fakirs and the Nomads;
  • Plains, suitable for the Halflings and the Cultists;
  • Swamp, suitable for the Alchemists and the Darklings;
  • Lake, suitable for the Mermaids and the Swarmlings;
  • Forest, suitable for the Witches and the Auren;
  • Mountain, suitable for the Dwarves and the Engineers;
  • Wasteland, suitable for the Giants and the Chaos Magicians;

Unfortunately, the dwelling space is limited, so players eventually end up competing against each other. Diplomacy is not an option,- for example, it is highly doubtful that Mermaids would be happy living in a Desert dwelling. Players have to carefully manage their resources, expand in the best possible direction, and research key technologies.

Players can also upgrade existing buildings in order to unlock certain traits and building functions, which end up being key to winning the game. “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” plans to expand on those concepts, in addition to modernizing and upgrading the core game mechanics, which will undoubtedly improve gameplay.

Exactly how the core game mechanics will be improved is kept under wraps at this time.“Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation”’s release delay to 2023 could also be used to give the game developers plenty of time to fine-tune, or possibly change game mechanics without fully committing to them just yet. We will be sure to keep an eye on “Terra Mystica: Age of Innovation” and update you with any news as they come.

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