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Witchcraft! a new solitaire game by Salt and Pepper

Resist Designers Bring New Solo Game, Witchcraft

The hour grows late, and it’s now the witching hour! A new game by Salt & Pepper Games is coming this year, with Witchcraft! offering a fantastic solo experience, and designed as a solo game to begin with, cough. The new game is of course crafted by the masterminds of Resist!, the company's game that focuses on solo gameplay...
Salt & Pepper Games's The Hunt

The Hunt Coming to Gamefound This March

The year is 1939, and the British and German fleets are battling to establish naval dominance as the two forces pivot towards unavoidable conflict in the Atlantic. Every battle is important, every sunk ship is an irreversible blow to your nation’s chances to win. This 2-player military conflict game fit for ages 10+ is the latest project by designers Matthias Cramer and Engin Kunter to be published by...
Salt & Pepper Games' upcoming The Battle of Versailles board game.

Get Ready for Fashion Showdown in The Battle of Versailles

With a name like that, “The Battle of Versailles” evokes the scene of military conflict, but the reality is much more cutthroat. The upcoming game by designers Eloi Pujadas and Ferran Renalias to be published by Salt & Pepper Games recreates one of the most historic battles in the history of… fashion! Vanquish Fashion Powerhouses in The Battle of Versailles  It’s...