Witchcraft! a new solitaire game by Salt and Pepper
Image credit: Salt & Pepper Games

The hour grows late, and it’s now the witching hour! A new game by Salt & Pepper Games is coming this year, with Witchcraft! offering a fantastic solo experience, and designed as a solo game to begin with, cough. The new game is of course crafted by the masterminds of Resist!, the company’s game that focuses on solo gameplay and does so with a nice touch of finesse.

Balancing Between Your Secret Identity and the Forces of Evil

In Witchcraft!, the player takes in the role of a covenant of witches who will try to protect a village besieged by all sorts of calamities – failing crops, dying animals, and the miscellaneous creatures of the night that are evil and dangerous.

The gameplay is driven by the same solitaire concept and mechanics that spur the action in Resist! Of course, the theme plays a huge role here, and you will have to try and keep evil at bay while also not revealing your identity to your fellow villagers.

On occasion, though, the player will have to admit to being a witch, and when this happens, they risk being imprisoned and blamed for the bad things that have been happening. Then, you will have to make your case, and prove that magic is not in itself evil, but rather that you have been trying to protect the village from the stuff that truly is (evil).

There will be three jurors who will decide your fate and try to determine whether you are, well, good or evil, and whether you have been trying to win the village or rather – bring its demise around. There are all sorts of villains to brave, as well, with supernatural horrors such as Baba Yaga, the Scarecrow and the Headless Horseman all coming your way.

Defeating the Monsters Is Easy… Convincing the Jurors – Not So Much

But the game goes well beyond this, as you will pick three jurors, three missions, and a number of unique challenges, which will yield 56 different combinations for you to play the game through! There will be plenty of variety of the opponents and monster you will face, as well as the growing social tension in the village when your identity is discovering.

Even if you sort the monsters, you will still have to also win the trial and make sure you are not burnt to a crisp. It’s tough being a witch with everyone trying to get you. Yet, Witchcraft! Is bound to be one of the best single player experiences this year! While you wait for the game to arrive, remember that Resist! is hitting US retail on April 19.

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