Resist! and Board Games.
Image credit: Salt & Pepper Games

Have you ever wondered what the best one-player board game is? Well, Resist! really comes close to what a streamlined single-player board game should be all about. Sorry, Mage Knight, this is some serious gameplay and design. 

Defeat the Francoist Regime in Game of Resist!

Speaking of, the game illustrated by artist Albert Monteys is designed by a trio of designers, to wit Roger Tankersley, David Thompson, and Trevor Benjamin who have put a lot of hard work into this title. Suitable for ages 10+ and played in 20-40 minutes, Resist! is above all else a lightweight game when it comes to rules complexity. 

The title is now set to release into retail with the help of 25th Century Games, with the official date set for April 19, 2023. This solitaire-inspired card game is a lot of fun. In it, the player will get to play the Spanish Maquis who fight the Francoist regime.

The game has a varying degree of difficulty, with some chiller plays and some more intense for the more competitive lot amongst you. The player starts with 12 Maquis which are represented by a deck of cards. The squad will set out to accomplish various missions and burn the deck of cards in order to make it stronger as they advance in the game.

To beat the game, you need enough victory points scored from the missions you set out to do. As you can imagine, missing the point benchmark means that you will end up losing the game. The retail price is quite accessible, too, with the game available for only $24.99 and rated a solid 7.8 on BoardGameGeek, a website that collates opinions from the entire world of board games. 

The fun bit is that you will assemble your own team of Maquis always 12, but perhaps a little different with each playthrough. You also have to be careful, because a Maquis that has been revealed will end up unable to be used again. Resist! is also fun in the sense that it looks like a deckbuilder at first glance, but it’s actually a “deck destruction” game where you will manage your deck and try to balance and weigh every decision you make.

If you do end up with a series of bad decisions, though, don’t worry – you can always start fresh. It’s not like you have to sit around and wait for anyone else’s turn! 

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