Salt & Pepper Games's The Hunt
Image credit: Salt & Pepper Games

The year is 1939, and the British and German fleets are battling to establish naval dominance as the two forces pivot towards unavoidable conflict in the Atlantic. Every battle is important, every sunk ship is an irreversible blow to your nation’s chances to win. This 2-player military conflict game fit for ages 10+ is the latest project by designers Matthias Cramer and Engin Kunter to be published by Salt & Pepper Games.

The British Royal Navy Races Against the German Kriegsmarine 

The crowdfunding campaign is set to launch on Gamefound this March. The Hunt is a highly-asymmetric game in which you will command the two nations’ fleets and rely on industrial might and decades of experience contesting the world’s water basins.

The place of conflict will see you battle in the South Atlantic where Admiral Graf Spee has received orders to attack British freight ships and seek as many of them as he can, so that Europe is cut from vital supplies that are pouring in from colonies and allies. Admiral Spee succeeds in severing the supply route by sinking numerous vessels, forcing London Whitehall to respond in kind and deploy its own fleet to protect the freighters. 

Three cruisers are dispatched to face the Germans in “The Battle of River Plate.” Which will only see one naval force dominate. One player will steer the British Royal Navy with the other commanding the German Kriegsmarine. Players are handed their own decks of cards with a quick gameplay pace. 

The Germans need to successfully avoid the British cruisers as they seek to secure their objective – sinking five freighter ships. The British must quickly come to the transportation vessels’ rescue and destroy and repel the attackers. The Royal Navy has the upper hand in terms of pure numbers, but the Kriegsmarine demonstrate prowess for quick and devastating attacks they have been exercising for a while now. 

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