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Aurum, Pandasaurus Card Game

Pandasaurus Games Confirms Aurum Release Date for August 

Pandasaurus Games has revealed a new trick-taking card game by Shreesh Bhat that is heading into retail before long. Enter Aurum, a game which will have players take the roles of alchemists who are trying to discover the formula for turning every rubbish metal into precious gold, transmuting all sorts of odd scraps to craft the purest gilt. Get Ready to Transmute...
Roller Coaster Rush by Pandasaursu Games.

Pandasaurus Games Opens Preorders for Roller Coaster Rush

Roller Coaster Rush, a game by Pandasaurus Games and designer Scott Almes, is going to be available for preorders starting on Wednesday, February 22. The 2-4-players dexterity game is illustrated by Kristen Pauline and welcomes you to gameplay loaded with kinetic fun, as the publisher puts it. Push Your Marbles Down (Half)-Finished Roller Coaster Tracks Players will have to design model coasters using the blueprints that...
The Wolves' cover art for the upcoming game by Pandasaurus.

Form Your Wolf Pack and Dominate in “The Wolves”

Howling at the moon will not do you much good in Pandasaurus Games’ upcoming title, “The Wolves,” unless you prove yourself to be the strongest pack leader. In this nature-themed game by designer team Ashwin Kamath and Clarence Simpson you set out to build the largest, most dominant pack in order to recruit lone wolves, hunt prey, and ultimately...
The Fox Experiment's board game cover.

Wingspan Creator to Return with “The Fox Experiment” in September

Elizabeth Hargrave’s elegant board game design has given us a number of excellent games over the years, with “Wingspan” “Tussie Mussie” and “Mariposas” some of the most acclaimed games. They have been well-done both thematically and mechanically, and the latest roll-and-write experience by Hargrave is unlikely to be any different. Domesticating Wild Foxes to Win the Game In “The Fox Experiment,”...