The Fox Experiment's board game cover.
Image Source: Pandasaurus Games

Elizabeth Hargrave’s elegant board game design has given us a number of excellent games over the years, with “Wingspan” “Tussie Mussie” and “Mariposas” some of the most acclaimed games. They have been well-done both thematically and mechanically, and the latest roll-and-write experience by Hargrave is unlikely to be any different.

Domesticating Wild Foxes to Win the Game

In “The Fox Experiment,” Hargrave’s appetite for creating deeply original and beautiful themes and incorporating them meaningfully into the gameplay shows again. While a bit too early to draw general conclusions, as the game is only coming to Kickstarter in September, “The Fox Experiment” wins over by virtue of its cover art and beautiful components. The game will be published by Pandasaurus Games, the same company behind “Machi Koro” and “Dinosaur Island.”

This time, the game was inspired by the Belyaev-Trut Experiment that was conducted in Novosibirsk, Siberia, where a group of scientists attempted to domesticate wild foxes. Those who responded positively were then singled out for breeding. The goal of the experiment was pretty straightforward.

Single out the most submissive pets that respond positive to humans so that they can one day be introduced to people’s homes much in the same way that dogs and cats are today. The players will step in the same role as the scientists as they will have to choose suitable mates to breed an offspring that is likely to come with the genetic traits that make them more submissive to human owners.

Kickstarter Campaign Details Forthcoming

As a scientist, you will also have to please the people ordering the experiment which means providing them with statistical data of your successes so that you may carry on. Hargrave’s games are always inspired by natural themes and deeper and meaningful experiences that relate to science in one way or another.

The Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming release has been set for September 6. The game was already previewed at this year’s edition of GenCon and received a warm welcome from those who had the opportunity to try it out.

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