Roller Coaster Rush by Pandasaursu Games.
Image creidt: Pandasaurus Games

Roller Coaster Rush, a game by Pandasaurus Games and designer Scott Almes, is going to be available for preorders starting on Wednesday, February 22. The 2-4-players dexterity game is illustrated by Kristen Pauline and welcomes you to gameplay loaded with kinetic fun, as the publisher puts it.

Push Your Marbles Down (Half)-Finished Roller Coaster Tracks

Players will have to design model coasters using the blueprints that are offered at the start of the game. But building your model won’t be an easy thing either. You will need to manage money smartly and bid on pieces that you need to construct the models better than your opponents.

Players need to account for physics and travel distance for the grand test that will have you rush marbles down the lines to score your points. While you can also be frugal, being too tight with your money may not pay off in the long term. Ultimately, you are trying to build a bigger and better roller coaster, and this will mean getting the best pieces. You can also demo your roller coaster and show investors how well the project is coming along.

Once the game is wrapped up and the bidding is over, you will then present your roller coaster to the public and earn victory points based on how far your marbles make it down the coaster track. To win? Well, simply get the most points!

The game comes with built-in challenges and so, if players feel that they have made good progress in mastering the title, they can further add Showstopper cards as well, which will require further ingenuity and execution to make your projects work.

Roller Coaster Rush plays for any age group 8+ and is expected to hit retail at a cost of $39.95. The game should be available in your hobby shops on April 162023.

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