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NorthStar Game Studio's Eila board game.

NorthStar Expands Games Reach with ICE Makes

NorthStar Game Studio has signed a new partnership with ICE Makes, a Hong Kong-based board game publisher focused on fun and innovative games. Through this tie-up, NorthStar will seek to expand the geographical reach of its titles, among which are acclaimed options such as Paint the Roses, Oceans, and Evolution, and particularly forthcoming releases. NorthStar Game Studio Set to Expand with Bigger Audiences  Now, ICE Makes...
NorthStar Game Studio's rebranded identity.

NorthStar Game Studio Reveals New Identity and Focus on Board Games

NorthStar Game Studio has revealed a new identity that will better correspond to the company’s ambitions for the future. The new branding is an attempt to “sharpen” the board game publishing company’s focus and ensure that the past 20 years of finely-crafted game design continues in future. NorthStar’s New Logo Reflects More Dedicated Approach The logo is the work of Quillsilver...