NorthStar Game Studio's rebranded identity.
Image Source: NorthStar Game Studio

NorthStar Game Studio has revealed a new identity that will better correspond to the company’s ambitions for the future. The new branding is an attempt to “sharpen” the board game publishing company’s focus and ensure that the past 20 years of finely-crafted game design continues in future.

NorthStar’s New Logo Reflects More Dedicated Approach

The logo is the work of Quillsilver Studio who have successfully captured the forward-thinking strategy the company adopts in recalibrating its operations and working on achieving better visibility.

Visibility is definitely no issue for NorthStar Game Studio, however, having created a number of award-winning and compelling games over the years. The company’s shelves are stacked with achievements such as “Oceans,” “The Quacks of Quedlinburg,” “The Taverns of Tiefenthal,” and “Paint the Roses” as some of most recent achievements.

The redesign is also about bringing the company’s focus where it should be – board games, NorthStar explained in an official press statement. So, the new logo also marks the company’s streamlining of its internal processes. NorthStar Game Studio has sold the Happy Planet brand designed for Toy & Specialty along with the rights to Wit & Wagers and Say Anything to Mattel.

With these products out of the way, the focus can be brought back on board gaming, just as it was back in 2003 when the company was founded. NorthStar Game Studio admitted to having lost track of some of its audiences, being too focused on producing content instead. This, the company update stated, was a mistake that the rebranding opportunity seeks to rectify.

NorthStar Ready to Create Games You Bring Back to the Table

The update was delivered by founder and president Dominic Crapuchettes, a former Magic professional player, who put the business together close to two decades ago. Now, Crapuchettes is focused on creating games that will always be a welcome sight on your gaming table and that will depend on a more interactive relationship with the community in building them.

The man himself will focus on what he has always wanted to do best – designing games first-hand. Crafting new board games has been the driver behind all of his work in NorthStar Game Studio. The strategic move that enables Crapuchettes to pursue this interest anew.

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