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Uno Dare's Adult Only version.

Mattel Releases a Sexier, “Adults Only” Version of Uno

For decades, Uno has entertained players of all ages at parties, family game nights, pubs and bars, and even competitive tournaments. Ever since it launched in 1971, the game has become a cult classic and a mainstay of many households and tabletop game clubs and spawned many different versions and spin-offs. However, you may not want to share this...
Mattel's Uno cards.

Mattel Looking to Hire Master Uno Player for $4,444 a Week

Mattel, a publishing and toymaking company, is on the lookout for what the company has described as a “Chief Uno Player.” Long story short, Mattel is looking for someone who will get paid $4,444 a week to play Uno four hours a day, four days a week, meeting strangers in New York City. The number 4's is intentional, as...