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Leviathan Wilds by Moon Crab Games returning to Kickstarter and funding in nine minutes.

Leviathan Wilds Returns to Kickstarter and Funds in 9 Minutes

Leviathan Wilds by Moon Crab Games is back on Kickstarter with the campaign hitting its $$10,000 goal in nine minutes, placing it amongst some of the fastest-funded projects on the platform. At the time of writing, Leviathan Wilds, a cooperative, boss-battling board game that features a solo mode, has been backed by more than 1,950 people and has amassed over $101,000, giving it a much stronger start. When...
The cover art of Moon Crab Games' first game Leviathan Wilds.

Moon Crab Games Debuts First Kickstarter for Leviathan Wilds

Independent and self-funded studio Moon Crab Games has announced its first Kickstarter and the upcoming game, Leviathan Wilds. In this 1-4-player cooperative game, players will seek to try and heal the ailing titans who, in their anguish, have laid waste to entire civilizations. The game’s story and objective diverge from the traditional good-versus-evil storytelling and replace it with a quest...