The cover art of Moon Crab Games' first game Leviathan Wilds.
Image Source: Moon Crab Games

Independent and self-funded studio Moon Crab Games has announced its first Kickstarter and the upcoming game, Leviathan Wilds. In this 1-4-player cooperative game, players will seek to try and heal the ailing titans who, in their anguish, have laid waste to entire civilizations.

The game’s story and objective diverge from the traditional good-versus-evil storytelling and replace it with a quest that can bring everyone peace and prosperity if the heroes manage to secure their perilous quest.

And you feel a familiar vibe from Leviathan Wilds this is mostly because the game itself is inspired by Japan Studio and Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus video game, as confirmed by one of its developers.

Moon Crab Games Reunites Distinct Talent

The team behind Moon Crab Games reunites a trio of former Z-Man and Fantasy Flight Games industry veterans who have worked on a number of prominent titles. Todd Michlitsch, Samuel R. Shimota, and Justin Kemppainen are all known in the board game industry for their work on World of Warcraft (Pandemic), Imperial Assault, Warhammer Quest TACG, Pandemic Legacy Season 0, Legends of the Alliance, Love Letter and so much more.

Kemppainen’s original writing in Pandemic Legacy Season 0 made the game one of the most distinct legacy experiences we have had the pleasure of playing. Kemppainen’s love for Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls has seeped through in this combat and movement-oriented game.

The upcoming release of Leviathan Wilds has already been reviewed and played through by a number of popular board games critics, including Richard Ham, better known to his fans as Rahdo. Leviathan Wilds comes with a spiral-bound book that features 20 challenging scenarios. In each of them, the heroes will set out to help the titans find a cure and put their restless minds at ease.

The unique map, gameplay, and illustration work that has gone into the game bring together a compelling and rich narrative-driven experience that uses conventional gameplay wisdom with its own innovative twists.

Unique Map, Deck Building, and Mechanics

Moon Crab Games has sought to improve on gameplay expectations by adding multi-use cards and a gravity mechanic, as well as a character deck customization option to ensure that the game will feel like a distinct and unique experience. Leviathan Wilds is deserving of the board game community’s love.

The game studio itself has been launched through the developers’ personal savings and extensive background work has gone into developing this first product, as Moon Crab Games used Tabletop Simulator and Discord feedback to ensure that its first product can be a distinct and worthwhile product.

The Kickstarter campaign for Leviathan Wilds ends on July 30, 2022, at 8:30 pm UTC. The original goal is to collect $50,000. The game is likely to be in limited stock once it hit retail due to the grassroots nature of Moon Crab Games’ first forays as an independent developer.

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