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Korea Boardgames' Fake Art Inc board game cover.

Korea Boardgames Reveals Upcoming “Fake Art Inc.”

You are a con artist and you have faux pieces of art to move. This is, in a nutshell, the plot of Korea Boardgames Co’s upcoming “Fake Art Inc.” The name does the game all possible credit with new pieces of art by famed painters now flooding the markets and even the biggest experts struggling to tell forgery from...
The cover of the new edition of "Shark" by Korea Boardgames.

Korea Boardgames to Bring New “Shark” Edition to Essen

Publisher Korea Boardgames has confirmed that the company will be releasing “$hark M3,” an overhauled classic board game experience focusing on stock trading and partly inspired by “Acquire.” The new edition was revealed by the company in their July newsletter along with details of what to expect. As the official release puts it, “there is no sharing,” only survival...