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You are a con artist and you have faux pieces of art to move. This is, in a nutshell, the plot of Korea Boardgames Co’s upcoming “Fake Art Inc.” The name does the game all possible credit with new pieces of art by famed painters now flooding the markets and even the biggest experts struggling to tell forgery from a long-hidden work of a bygone genius.

Fake Art Can Get You a Fat Paycheck

 “Con artist” is not the exact term the publisher has used to described Ikhwan Kwon’s upcoming masterpiece, this is okay. The game will put you in the role of art brokers who are trying to score a big profit by keeping the authentic art for themselves while selling the junk.

While you can call yourself whatever you wish in this game, you are still trying to flog junk art under false pretense and get a hefty premium on each sale. But in doing so, you have to be mindful of several things, which makes “Fake Art Inc.” so much fun in the first place. First, you need to procure the fake masterpieces yourself and then distribute them to willing bidders.

The higher they pay, the better, as you are in for the profit. But in trying to push your own forged pieces, you will also want to spin plots that will lead to a drop in the value of other players’ art, effectively elbowing them out of the way. The world of art forgery is cut-throat and only the most competitive brokers may survive.

You are also trying to push fake art to other brokers, hoping that a constellation of circumstances will help you command a good price for the many knockoffs that will flood the market. Players will be vying to trade their hands with other, set up auctions and hoping to authenticate the genuine art cards and keep those to themselves while pushing the fakeries onto unwitting competitors.

Money Management and Cunning Makes Winners

Prices will fluctuate and so will the value of the pieces as you try to navigate the vagaries of the art world. Korea Boardgames Co has definitely been making headlines this year with a bunch of worthwhile titles, including “Shark,” a classic board game that has been overhauled and updated.

The goal of the game is to vie against fellow financial brokers who are looking to secure the best shares while selling the ones that are anticipated to lose their value. “Fake Art Inc.” draws part of its inspiration from this game as well. Yet it is its own product suitable for 3-5 players and taking 30 minutes to play per sit-down.

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