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Gamelyn Games' Tiny Epic Crimes

Gamelyn Games Confirms Tiny Epic Crimes for Q4 2023

Gamelyn Games is working on a new instalment in the Tiny Epic series, a family of games, that have grown over the past years to feature knights, zombies, dungeons, and entire galaxies. The latest installment in the franchise is a hush-hush Noir-style and mystery-solving game titled Tiny Epic Crimes. Latest Tiny Epic Game Is About Solving Crimes The title is set...
The official box and art for The Last Kingdom Board Game.

The Last Kingdom Board Game by Gamelyn Expected in 2023

A new entry by BoardGameGeek and Gamelyn Games has fans of the Viking lore and way of life excited. The publisher is apparently working on a 2-5 players game based on the popular Netflix series, The Last Kingdom.  With John D. Clair in the designing chair, the product has already made ripples across online communities that are eager to lead...