The official box and art for The Last Kingdom Board Game.
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A new entry by BoardGameGeek and Gamelyn Games has fans of the Viking lore and way of life excited. The publisher is apparently working on a 2-5 players game based on the popular Netflix series, The Last Kingdom

With John D. Clair in the designing chair, the product has already made ripples across online communities that are eager to lead the factions of the Danes and Saxons and try to establish their dominance over Britain

The Fearsome Danes and Proud Saxons Face Off

The plot seems to follow the TV series more or less with kingdoms in Britain at each other’s throats as the Danes invade. The kingdom of Wessex alone seems to have the means and political clout under King Alfred to reunite the warring factions and put opposition to the Danes. 

Just like in the series, as a commander of one of the factions you will be able to negotiate alliances, betray your allies, and seek to advance your position in Britain. Yet, turning your back on well-meaning allies could cost you later in the game. 

Each game players over the course of 2 rounds, the publisher explains, during which players will issue orders to their armies and negotiate with opponents. Each player can also choose which side to back more or less with both the Saxons and Danes offering victory and benefits to those leaders who support them. 

Players can further pick from 10 available leaders, each with their unique approach and storyline, offering different gameplay angles and opportunities. Players will also complete their hand by drafting cards and hoping that they are prepared enough to navigate the political and military vagaries of the two powerful opponents.

The Hang of Britain Hangs in the Balance: Choose a Side 

If you do not wish to participate too much, you can also strategically choose to pass and just reinforce your existing positions confident that other players will not waste resources attacking a faction that is still making up its mind. At the end of each round, the fate of all regions will be decided.

When round two ends, though, the game terminates with the victor the player who has amassed the most points. The Last Kingdom Board Game will focus heavily on the player assuming the roles of the warring factions and mustering unique stratagems and ploys that can be weaved into the core gameplay and thus influence the end game’s results.

Step into a game of political intrigue and skilful battles with the fate of Britain hanging in the balance. 

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