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Starter Set World of Tanks

GF9 Reveals a New World of Tanks: Miniature Game Starter Set

Gale Force 9 (GF9) has confirmed a new World of Tanks: Miniature Game starter set that will allow you to quickly get into the tabletop World War II action, with a number of authentic tank models of 1:100.  The starter set brings you everything you need to play the game, minus a second person, the publisher quips. All four tanks in the starter set...
GF9's Firefly 10th Anniversary

GF9 to Release Firefly: The Game 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Firefly: The Game has left a blazing trail in the board game community and industry and the title is very much alive and kicking to this day – never mind FOX Network’s short-sighted decision to cancel the show it is based on back in 2002. The franchise's adaptation to the tabletop hobby by Gale Force 9 has been quite...
Gale Force 9's cover art for the upcoming Doctor Who Nemesis board game.

Gale Force 9 Reveals Doctor Who Nemesis Board Game

Gale Force 9 has announced a new Doctor Who board game that will enable players to fight the hero rather than guiding him to victory. “Doctor Who: Nemesis” is the latest tabletop experience that will seek to help fans of the series see the other point of view with The Master, Daleks, Weeping Angels and Cybermen all trying to...