Gale Force 9's cover art for the upcoming Doctor Who Nemesis board game.
Image Source: Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 has announced a new Doctor Who board game that will enable players to fight the hero rather than guiding him to victory. “Doctor Who: Nemesis” is the latest tabletop experience that will seek to help fans of the series see the other point of view with The Master, Daleks, Weeping Angels and Cybermen all trying to vanquish the hero.

Assume Role of Villains and Fight Doctor Who

Since Doctor Who travels across space and time, the objective in the game is to make the time spectrum succumb to your will and bidding, whoever villain you choose to play as. The game is designed by Andrew Haught, himself known for a number of fantastic games, including “Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps,” “Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks,” “World of Tanks Miniatures Game,” “Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats,” and so many others.

But just because you are a villain doesn’t mean you belong to a club. Each villain is attempting to secure their own victory condition as they battle with the Doctor and other Time Lords. Gale Force 9 has been definitely fond of the Doctor Who Franchise, bringing about multiple recreations of the captivating world adapted from the BBC TV series.

Other iterations of Doctor Who include “Doctor Who: Don’t Blink” and the two other games designed by Haught and already mentioned here. There are more Doctor Who board games coming all the same, with Cubicle 7 releasing the “Doctor Who Roleplaying Game.”

In the meantime, Gale Force 9 has launched a dedicated website for the game and runs a newsletter. The reviews section for the upcoming release is still empty, however, so not much can be garnered about the actual gameplay. Doctor Who fans who love board gaming are likely to find this upcoming release to their taste.

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