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Everdell: Farshore

New Everdell: Farshore Standalone Game Available for Preorder

A new Everdell is setting sail. The aptly called Everdell: Farshore by Starling Games is the latest chapter in the well-established franchise and game system that has animal critters gather together and against each other to build the most prosperous city. Although most other versions of the game had the critters stay at home on firm ground, in Farshore,...
The cover art for the Everdell board game.

Dire Wolf to Release Everdell as PC and Nintendo Game

“Everdell”, one of BoardGameGeek’s Top 100 games and an absolute hit, is set to come to PC. The computer version will be developed by Dire Wolf Digital, a company that has extensive experience building successful digital adaptations from the tabletop world. Everdell Gets PC Version by Dire Wolf Digital Dire Wolf Digital has already released PC and mobile versions for “Clank!,”...