The cover art for the Everdell board game.
Image Source: Starling Games

Everdell”, one of BoardGameGeek’s Top 100 games and an absolute hit, is set to come to PC. The computer version will be developed by Dire Wolf Digital, a company that has extensive experience building successful digital adaptations from the tabletop world.

Everdell Gets PC Version by Dire Wolf Digital

Dire Wolf Digital has already released PC and mobile versions for “Clank!,” “Game of Thrones,” “Lotus,” “Raiders of the North Sea,” “Root,” “Dune: Imperium,” and others. The PC version of “Everdell” will arrive on Thursday, July 28, followed by a Nintendo Switch version of the title.

Dire Wolf Digital has promised that the title will support cross-platform single and multiplayer campaigns. This will allow players to play against one another or experience the game in solo. The company has already released a preview trailer of what to expect:

In the nearly three minutes of gameplay content, Dire Wolf Digital has explored the “Everdell” world and its gameplay, drafting mechanics and scoring. The PC version will in all likelihood do justice to the tabletop game.

For those who are new to “Everdell” and its beautiful theme and gameplay, some background details may be welcome. The game was published by Sterling Games, created as a splinter division of Tabletop Tycoon. Itself, “Everdell” uses a standard worker placement mechanic with players securing services from forest critters and scavenging for precious resources as they prepare for the change of seasons.

There are certain unique synergies in the game between what cards may be secured and what critters make it easier to get more points, so some playthrough is required before a good working knowledge of the game is attained. Nevertheless, “Everdell” plays lightly, and the PC version seems to be beautifully designed and will no doubt captivate players.

Villages will grow as the seasons advance and players collect more critters to help them prepare for good and bad times. “Everdell” is an absolute hit in the board gaming world, and it’s likely to conquer the mobile and PC media with ease.

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