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Z-Man Games' Challengers! upcoming board game.

Z-Man to Release Deck-Building Board Game “Challengers!” at SPIEL

Deck-building board game enthusiasts will be pleased to read about “Challengers!”, the newest upcoming title from the collaboration of Z-Man Games (known for the...
Essen Spiel board games event.

SPIEL 2022 Makes Masks Mandatory, Vaccinations Optional

This year’s SPIEL tabletop gaming convention will take place in its customary venue in Essen, Germany, and will not require proof of vaccination against...
The cover of the new edition of "Shark" by Korea Boardgames.

Korea Boardgames to Bring New “Shark” Edition to Essen

Publisher Korea Boardgames has confirmed that the company will be releasing “$hark M3,” an overhauled classic board game experience focusing on stock trading and...