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Challengers 2 game expansion

Challengers 2 Is Due to Release During Essen Spiel 2023

Challengers, the popular auto-battling capture-the-flag deck builder, is getting a new expansion which adopts the same name as Challengers 2. The new game can be played both as a standalone version of the original 1-8-player title by Z-Man Games or be used to expand the experience. At the heart of Challengers lies a web of straightforward mechanics which, when put together, produce highly-rewarding and...
Z-Man Games' Challengers! upcoming board game.

Z-Man to Release Deck-Building Board Game “Challengers!” at SPIEL

Deck-building board game enthusiasts will be pleased to read about “Challengers!”, the newest upcoming title from the collaboration of Z-Man Games (known for the popular “Pandemic” series and “Carcassonne”) and 1 More Time Games - an indie tabletop studio based in Vienna, Austria. At its core, “Challengers!” is an interactive deck-management game for up to 8 players. It has 75...
Essen Spiel board games event.

SPIEL 2022 Makes Masks Mandatory, Vaccinations Optional

This year’s SPIEL tabletop gaming convention will take place in its customary venue in Essen, Germany, and will not require proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This welcome news was announced via a newsletter, but there is still a small caveat - masks will be required. Medical-grade face masks (which must cover the nose and mouth) will still be mandatory....
The cover of the new edition of "Shark" by Korea Boardgames.

Korea Boardgames to Bring New “Shark” Edition to Essen

Publisher Korea Boardgames has confirmed that the company will be releasing “$hark M3,” an overhauled classic board game experience focusing on stock trading and partly inspired by “Acquire.” The new edition was revealed by the company in their July newsletter along with details of what to expect. As the official release puts it, “there is no sharing,” only survival...