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Corvus Belli art.

Corvus Belli Expand Their Board Game Infinity’s Product Line

Miniature wargames enthusiasts will be extremely pleased to learn that the popular board game Infinity will be getting a new line of products. The Spanish board game studio behind the game, Corvus Belli, has been steadily showcasing the new Infinity products, which are scheduled for release on May 31. Infinity players will be able to expand their collections with new...
Corvus Belli's Inifnity universe - vehicles.

Corvus Belli Reveals REM Racers Board Game

You better strap in, because Corvus Belli is bringing out REM Racers, a new family-friendly racing board game. The game is built to simulate an actual race with beautiful remote controllers to steer the action, but still sticks to solid principles of tabletop experience without any electronics getting in the way of the world's most powerful gaming chip - your...