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Bad Crow Games Company of Heroes 2E

Company of Heroes Board Game 2E and Expansions Coming to Retail

Company of Heroes: Board Game will be hitting retail after all, as confirmed by Bad Crow Games, the publisher behind the game’s transformation to a tabletop sensation. Based on the video game of the same name, Company of Heroes 2nd Edition is a slightly revamped version of the original that was released in 2021 and in the midst of...
Company of Heroes 2nd Edition of the Board Game.

Esteemed Board Game Designer Chris Gabrielson Has Passed Away

This year’s SPIEL event in Essen, Germany, brought a lot of exciting news to all tabletop game enthusiasts. Unfortunately, among those, we have to report some tragic news - Chris Gabrielson, the co-designer of the esteemed board game “Company of Heroes”, has died while attending the SPIEL event. Understandably, no further details on his death were shared. The announcement was...
Company of Heroes 2nd Edition of the Board Game.

Bad Crow Games Raises $1.22M for CoH: Board Game 2nd Edition

Bad Crow Games has completed the 2nd edition Kickstarter for “Company of Heroes: Board Game”. The campaign for the improved and expanded version of the original managed to elicit action from 5,513 backers and resulted in $1.22 million pledged to the new project which is expected to introduce balance changes to the original game, expand on the battlefield options...