Company of Heroes 2nd Edition of the Board Game.
Image Source: Bad Crow Games

Bad Crow Games has completed the 2nd edition Kickstarter for “Company of Heroes: Board Game”. The campaign for the improved and expanded version of the original managed to elicit action from 5,513 backers and resulted in $1.22 million pledged to the new project which is expected to introduce balance changes to the original game, expand on the battlefield options and add a deeper competitive element to the title.

CoH Second Edition Kickstarter Ends up with $1.22M

The second campaign was an even bigger success compared to the first campaign, which drew 4,526 backers resulting in $830,882 pledged to the project. Despite its hefty price tag, the first game received strong support on BoardGameGeek, resulting in 504 ratings putting the game at 8.7 average rating.

While not enough people have voted, the 504 votes represent 11% of the people who backed the project’s first campaign. The new game as well as the original campaign is based on the namesake video game by Relic Entertainment, down to the Panther 2 Models. The new Kickstarter resulted in a significant improvement of the number of game components, terrain, stretch rewards and battlefield components.

The game now features 40 new Map Setups to make the battlefield an even more epic military epopee, along with improved rules on the core gameplay. While a captivating visual feast, the first game had some shortcomings, particularly in the way the assault mechanic and victory conditions worked.

Those have been resolved in the latest iteration Bad Crow Games confirmed. The full Kickstarter bundle with all available factions (5) cost $449 with the All-In New Backer Bundle for 6 players costing $614. Cheaper options were also available at $99 for the 2nd edition core set, which includes everything you would need to play as two.

The game is coming with a number of new expansions to ensure healthy gameplay variety vehicle models, assault commanders, and building board extensions. The modular version of the game makes it a real time sink for anyone who wishes to go all-in and make sure they have everything on the table, but it also allows you to cherry-pick from the particular game elements and features you would be the most interested in.

Optimized Post-Campaign Schedule and Delivery

While the Kickstarter option is certainly cheaper, “Company of Heroes: Board Game 2nd Edition” will be coming to retail as well. Meanwhile, Bad Crow Games has confirmed that 95% of the game has been completed. This should expedite shipment with the dates for production completion set as December 2022 or early 2023. The boxes should start to arrive in June 2023.

During the previous campaign, Bad Crow Games had to do a lot of refinement, playtesting and balancing, and this extended well after the campaign wrapped up. If you are a returning backer, Bad Crow Games reminds that you can still purchase the second edition update kit to benefit from the vast improvements the game has undergone.

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