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The cover art for the upcoming Hoplomachus: Victorium by Chip Theory Games set to release in the fall of 2022.

Chip Theory Games Now Accepts “Hoplomachus: Victorum” Preorders

Chip Theory Games has much to celebrate, having wrapped up the crowdfunding campaign for “burncycle.” Now, the company has confirmed that preorders for the solo board game “Hoplomachus: Victorum” are available worldwide. The game is yet another installment in the premium game genre with “Hoplomachus” focusing on strategic gladiator combat and adventure campaign to appeal to the more solitary...
Burncycle's board game by Chip Theory Games.

Burncycle Completes Gamefound Campaign, Funds in 40 Minutes

“KILL ALL HUMANS,” is not just some robot on the fritz talking nonsense. In “burncycle” it’s the mission of a generation. Created for 1-4 players with an average playtime of 45-180 minutes and suitable for players age 13+, “burncycle” has just completed its latest Gamefound crowdfunding campaign which will see a reprint of the original game along with new...