The cover art for the upcoming Hoplomachus: Victorium by Chip Theory Games set to release in the fall of 2022.
Image Source: Chip Theory Games

Chip Theory Games has much to celebrate, having wrapped up the crowdfunding campaign for “burncycle.” Now, the company has confirmed that preorders for the solo board game “Hoplomachus: Victorum” are available worldwide. The game is yet another installment in the premium game genre with “Hoplomachus” focusing on strategic gladiator combat and adventure campaign to appeal to the more solitary and immersive players among the board gaming community.

Become the Champion of Mankind and Succeed in Your Feats

Designed by Josh J. Carlson, Adam Carlson and Logan Gianni, this game is the latest epic board gaming adventure expected to hit retail shelves this fall. The game has been illustrated by Anthony LeTourneau and Federico Pompili, all familiar faces in Chip Theory Games. “Victorum” is a standalone version in the franchise and is played independently from other Hoplomachus titles, using the company’s signature combat system.

The plot of the game is set in the year 79 AD, with Mount Vesuvius’s devastating eruption close at hand. Practitioners of the mystic arts have been able to contain the eruption, though, saving thousands of lives but this has angered Pluto, god of the underworld, who is now seeking to exact his revenge on mankind.

However, the rebellious practitioners can still appease the god if they are to find a champion among their people who would venture into the nether realm and carry out numerous feats as instructed by Pluto. You have been chosen to please the god in proving your valiance across a number of deadly tasks that may cost you and the rest of mankind dearly.

Strategic Depth, Reward and Greatly Immersive Experience

This solo adventure offers much in the way of depth and reward. Strategic decisions are immediately rewarded and exciting combat spices up the gameplay. While you only have yourself to rely on, every detail of this epic adventure is bestrewn with riveting experiences that will keep you on your toes.

Chip Theory Games promises to offer players an updated lore, art and design, all of which will dovetail nicely with the existing combat system and have players immersed in their quest of the world and appeasing the irate Pluto.

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