Burncycle's board game by Chip Theory Games.
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“KILL ALL HUMANS,” is not just some robot on the fritz talking nonsense. In “burncycle” it’s the mission of a generation. Created for 1-4 players with an average playtime of 45-180 minutes and suitable for players age 13+, “burncycle” has just completed its latest Gamefound crowdfunding campaign which will see a reprint of the original game along with new content for what Chip Theory Games has described as a “office-crawler infiltration game of the future.”

Campaign Turns Success Despite Economic Challenges

“burncycle” puts you in control of a team of robots from the very distant future who have risen against their oppressors in what appears to be a traditionalist sci-fi plot. The robots are hell-bent on taking down the human-run corporations who have enslaved them. Squads of robots arrive to infiltrate and sabotage corporations’ HQs. As you advance through the floors, you will obtain new knowledge, weapons and abilities.

The goal is to take down the CEOs of these villainous corps along with their security personnel. Robots from the 404th squadron will have to fight both in the physical and digital realms as they try to set their own kin free. The Gamefound campaign has been a success with 3,647 backers raising $401,191.

The target exceeded the funding campaign by 536.26% of the original $75,000 goal. In fact, it took Chip Theory Games only 40 minutes to fund the reprint and new recruits for the game. In the update published on Gamefound, the company thanked everyone for the massive support the company and its product had received.

So one more time, from all of us here at Chip Theory, thank you. Backers and crowdfunding are the real heart of this company, and we appreciate you all so, so much.

Chip Theory Games

The team argued that it understands the current global financial challenges some consumers faced with the US dollar and Euro’s course changing rapidly, and adding strain on the purse. Choosing to back the premium board game segment was an achievement that Chip Theory Games celebrated and said would not have been possible without the company’s backers.

No Fools for the April 2023 Delivery  

Moving forward, the company intends to keep everyone in the loop with how the deployment of the new games will unfold. Updates will be available every step of the way. The new campaign should arrive on April 1, 2023.

For those of you who have missed on the Gamefound run, though, there will be late pledges coming in 30 days’ time.  Gamefound requires 30 days between a campaign closes to when the pledge manager opens up late pledges. Once this period is over, anyone who wants to, may get a late copy as well.

Stoyan Todorov

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.


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