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Bitewing Games and Trailblazers.

Bitewing Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Trailblazers

Bitewing Games has launched the official Kickstarter campaign for “Trailblazers” by designer Ryan Courtney and artist Seth Lucas. The game comes with an infusion of Jack Londonesque feeling where characters scramble to be the first to explore new trails in the great outdoors. Trailblazers Hits Kickstarter for Players to Claim The gutsy folk, as the publisher describes them, won’t have to...
The upcoming Zoo Vadis board game's art.

Bitewing Reveals “Zoo Vadis” Reimagined Classic by Knizia

Publisher Bitewing Games and designer Reiner Knizia are bringing the hallowed “Quo Vadis” board game back in a new wrapping. Enter “Zoo Vadis,” a title expected to begin crowdfunding campaign in 2023. In “Zoo Vadis,” Bitewing posits an alternative reality in which animals run the zoo and they are the ones doing skilled negotiating, crafty politicking and ploy their...