Bitewing Games and Trailblazers.
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Bitewing Games has launched the official Kickstarter campaign for “Trailblazers” by designer Ryan Courtney and artist Seth Lucas. The game comes with an infusion of Jack Londonesque feeling where characters scramble to be the first to explore new trails in the great outdoors.

Trailblazers Hits Kickstarter for Players to Claim

The gutsy folk, as the publisher describes them, won’t have to tackle the Great North, but they will still have to use an array of tools and modes of transportation to blaze winding loops of hiking, biking and kayaking trails.

Caught in exploration, players will have to balance between how far they can go before having to return to camp. The game comes with rich and ample gameplay, emulating the vastness of an entire continent that has never been explored by humans before.

“Trailblazers” is marked by a competitive setup and gameplay during which players will vie  to notch up the most points by building the loops that sprawl outward of their camps. Each round players will be dealt eight trail cards and they will be able to draft two of those.

Drafting cards, players will have to try and balance between their desire to explore and push the trails further out, and remember that only closed loops that end in a camp will actually take them closer to victory.

The game, which can be played by one to eight players will provide you with many end game scenarios and closing conditions, including various missions such as “First To” and “End Game” objectives that are available in separate cards.

Excellent Additions to the Gameplay in Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of the game already comes with a second dedicated deck of trail and player cards, making sure that players will have no problem bringing their friends along. The box already incorporates two expansions, to wit “Adventurers,” and “Animals,” and each will add its unique level of depth and strategy to the gameplay experience.

The game will come in several available edition for you to purchase, including the $34 Super Travel Edition, the $49 Standard Edition, as well as the $79 Deluxe Edition. The travel theme is well-incorporated into the gameplay, bringing players a nice game of high quality components that you can take along with you next time you are out camping in the woods or hiking.

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