The upcoming Zoo Vadis board game's art.
Image Source: Bitewing Games

Publisher Bitewing Games and designer Reiner Knizia are bringing the hallowed “Quo Vadis” board game back in a new wrapping. Enter “Zoo Vadis,” a title expected to begin crowdfunding campaign in 2023. In “Zoo Vadis,” Bitewing posits an alternative reality in which animals run the zoo and they are the ones doing skilled negotiating, crafty politicking and ploy their ruthless schemes unapologetically.

Delightful Art and Enhanced Gameplay in “Zoo Vadis”

The cover art has already been revealed and hailed as a work of art in itself This was made possible thanks to graphic artists Kwanchai Moriya and Brigette Indelicato whose gorgeous designs will bring this new title to live. In the democratic world of “Zoo Vadis” only the most skilled negotiators will fare well.

In this game of skilled negotiation and cunning, players will incorporate an animal and seek to ensure that they get the spotlight. All of the zoo’s animals want to be the star exhibit and each species must campaign to get elected by the majority of animal voters.

Fans and rivals alike will grant laurels to the contenders with the winner turning out to be the species with the most of them in the end of the game. The new game is a reimagined variation of “Quo Vadis?” also crafted by Knizia.

The new game comes with many new additions and strengths. For one, it’s elegantly-designed and heavy on the political gameplay, but there are innovations to be discovered still beyond the riveting artwork.

“Zoo Vadis” comes with an enhanced board that will make sure that the game feels good at any player count. There will be asymmetric animal abilities which will give many of the players’ their cunning and opportunity to exert influence on others.

Deeper Tactical Play and More Appealing Theme

The special laurel tokens will boost tactical play, the publisher shared in the official description of the game. Moriya and Indelicato’s artwork will also play a role here as the new theme is picked to appeal to wider audiences and bring them into the gameplay.

Functional player screens and chunky animal figures are also added to the experience to help players make the most out of this experience. Bitewing Games has promised to release more information as soon as it becomes available.

A date will have to be set next for the crowdfunding campaign next year. In the meantime, you can visit the Bitewing Games’ website and subscribe to their newsletter or just visit Meeples Herald for the latest updates.

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