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Axis and Allies Renegade Game Studios

Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal Is Next Chapter in the Series

Axis & Allies has finally got a new edition – sort of. The Renegade Game Studios contest we wrote about earlier this year saw the community pick Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal as the next chapter in the timeless wargame.  Guadalcanal Is the Latest Theater of War  Guadalcanal was selected as the winner of the second Pick the Battle Vote community vote, which it’s an important...
Renegade Game Studios' Axis & Allies second edition.

Axis & Allies Returns with New Editions by Renegade Game Studios

The gripping if somewhat drawling entry in the wargame genre that is Axis & Allies is set to return with the help of Renegade Game Studios, which will be bringing fresh versions of the original conflict game. Axis & Allies Second Editions Arriving The studio will release a limited-edition version of Axis & Allies: 1914, with German and British infantry miniatures...