Terraforming Mars, the game.
Image: Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is about to be a lonely business, but this is no reason to sag. The popular game about… well, terraforming the red rock of Mars and turning it into a promised Eden for Earthers is now getting its solo mode expansion.

Enoch Fryxelius, the CEO of FryxGames which publishes the acclaimed and highly successful game, has confirmed the news via a Facebook post with the franchise moving into a yet new chapter of its sprawling franchise.

With numerous expansions and additions to the game, including a very tempting 3D set of tiles, Terraforming Mars is set to write yet another important chapter in its story. The game will feature the new solo mode to give players a more fulfilling solitary pursuit of the game.

Enoch has confirmed that the existing game, designed by his brother Jacob, was not really ideal as it has led to some decisions that are not quite balanced. To make the game more fulfilling as a solo experience, the studio has now secured the services of Nick Shaw and Dávid Turczi, two industry veterans known for their work on outstanding games in the industry.

Terraforming the Solo Mode Shaw Designed into Proper Game

Turczi in particular has been one of the most successful designers of solo modes for a growing catalogue of games, including Imperium Classics & Legends, the upcoming Apex Legends: Board Game, and more. The duo has also worked together on games such as Cerebria, Caesars!: Seize Rome in 20 Minutes, and Mythic Mischief. 

The choice of designers is not a chance pick as well, as Shaw has already designed his own idea of a free-to-print and-play add-on, with Fryxelius’ blessings, of course. Enoch has picked up on the warm reception the community has shown for this homespun version and decided to give Terraforming Mars Solo the proper publisher treatment. 

The new game will come as Terraforming Mars: Automa and will be included in the publisher’s next Kickstarter campaign. This new crowdfunding campaign is set for September and will include the arrival of Prelude 2, the original game’s sixth expansion to date.

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