Glass Cannon Unplugged's Solo and Coop modes for Apex Legends: The Board Game
Image: Glass Cannon Unplugged

Apex Legends’ Kickstarter campaign by Polish game studio Glass Cannon Unplugged has been going at a good pace, with the title, as of the time of writing, raising $566,154 from 3,144 backers. The game is advertised as a highly-strategic, teams-versus-team miniatures tabletop experience for 1-6 players, inspired by the popular video game by the same name.

Apex Legends Gets Solo and Co-Op Modes

Now, Apex Legends will also get solo and cooperative game modes with Glass Cannon Unplugged securing the services of two esteemed designers, Dávid Turczi and Radek Ignatów, both of whom are well-versed in the development of powerful, engaging, and rewarding automa experiences. In fact, the modes have already been revealed in detail.

Turczi has developed a string of titles, including AnachronyImperium Classics & LegendsTekhenu, and others. He is known for his solo modes for Kanban EVFoundations of Rome, and Teotihuacan. Meanwhile, Ignatów is a notable designer himself and he has been making games for more than 30 years now. He is known for titles such as Eter and Sherlock and has worked on countless titles with his Island Alone game winning the Best Solitaire Print and Play Game of 2022 at the Board Game Geek Awards.

Glass Cannon Unplugged has debated how to best approach the issue of creating a solo experience, with the studio finally settling down to pit the player against the automa and make sure that the solo mode does not feel like a grubby, modified version of the core experience, which is what the company hopes would appeal to players in the first place.

The company has focused on several key principles in developing this new solution that would be easy to use, but challenging, simulate intelligence, and offer external asymmetries of players, among other important features. Both Turczi and Ignatów have jumped at the opportunity to develop products and create a robust solo experience that will follow the multiplayer rules.

Two Designer Heavyweights Sorting It All Out

Glass Cannon Unplugged are particularly proud that any modification of the game would still follow the immutable principles of core mechanics such as Line of Sight, for example, which are fixed and not left to the interpretation of the players which the studio believes will make the gameplay so much easier. The automa, solo and co-op modes have been already outlined on the Kickstarter update page.

The update features the full details of the two modes and has already seemed to enjoy a good reception from the community in comments. In the meantime, Kickstarter has been slowing down to around $10,000 contributions a day over the past week or so. Day one of the campaigns saw as much as $259,572 spent on the project.

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