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FryxGames' upcoming Fate wargame.

Terraforming Mars Studio Co-Owner Introduces Norse Mythology Wargame

You may not know who Jonathan Fryxelius is, but you have heard about the games designed and published by FryxGames. Terraforming Mars’ cult status gives it immediate recognition with board gamers of all stripes. Jonathan, Jacob Fryxelius’ brother – the designer of Terraforming Mars- is a co-owner of the family-owned FryxGames. Fight the Hordes of Monsters as You Protect Freyja’s...
Terraforming Mars, the game.

Terraforming Mars to Get Dedicated Automa Expansion

Terraforming Mars is about to be a lonely business, but this is no reason to sag. The popular game about… well, terraforming the red rock of Mars and turning it into a promised Eden for Earthers is now getting its solo mode expansion. Enoch Fryxelius, the CEO of FryxGames which publishes the acclaimed and highly successful game, has confirmed the...