CMON's Marvel Zombies.
Image credit: CMON

CMON’s Zombicide franchise has been growing at a threatening pace. After recently announcing White Death, a brand new game that will change the Zombicide narrative, the publisher has confirmed that the Kickstarter game, Marvel Zombies, is also going to release in retail.

Marvel Heroes Get Turned into Zombies – Are We Doomed? 

The crowdfunding campaign was particularly successful raising $9 million, attesting to the popularity of the two franchises that have decided to weld their products and universes to create a fresh experience unlike any other. 

CMON is releasing the Marvel Zombies Core Box into retail on April 21, 2023, with undead heroes battling S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the living heroes. Yes, this is a major plot twist as a zombified Captain America will try his best to gnaw his way through flesh and bone. 

As usual, the goal of the game will be to chomp on some soft bits, defeat your enemies which are the good guys in this case, and complete what missions your zombie brain can muster up the cognition to understand and follow through with. 

As a game, Marvel Zombicide has been put to some rigorous criticism by the community. If anything, it was given only a 7 out of 10 based on BoardGameGeek’s ranking system. The game itself plays with 1-6 players over 60 minutes. Players aged 14+ can play.

Despite the somewhat tepid reception from the community, Marvel Zombicide makes for a great standalone addition to the Marvel and Zombicide respective universes. Still, Rio Z Janeiro and White Death do seem like juicier versions of the game and they are somewhat more looked-forward to games in the franchise. 

In the meantime, Marvel fans will have the opportunity to experience a new and original setting which will probably appeal to many. Retail copies will be arriving in just a month’s time – more or less. 

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