Art and trailer for the upcoming Unmatched: Digital Edition.
Image Source: Acram Games

Acram Digital has dropped more info about the upcoming the digital edition of “Unmatched,” the popular 2-4 player game of card-manipulation that pits popular and legendary characters in a fight to the death.

The digital version is set to release in Q3 2022 with Acram Digital revealing saucy details about the upcoming product on Monday during an official gameplay trailer. However, an early access date for September 15 has been set.

Unmatched’s Gameplay Video Does the Board Game Justice

The asymmetrical miniature fighting game has released a number of expansions over the years, becoming one of the most prominent and entertaining dueling games.

Now, Acram Digital believe they can take this a step further with a dedicated release for the game on Steam and other platforms. The game will also be available for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch, which have become popular platforms for digital board game.

Unmatched: Digital Edition” is bringing the best from the tabletop gaming experience and help you share it with friends online. “Unmatched” relies on tactical movement and eliminates luck from the equation by making you move your pieces in chess-like fashion while using your cards sparingly to inflict maximum damage to the opponent.

Game designers Rob Daviau and Justin D. Jacobson have been hard at work to ensure that there is a near never-ending supply of new releases to try with numerous boxes currently released and available on the market.

Acram’s Track Record with Digital Release of Board Games

The studio has already developed a number of beloved games, including “Charterstone,” “Istanbul,” “Steam: Rails to Riches,” “Concordia” and more. Players are welcome to embark on the latest adventure with Acram as the company now brings the beloved “Unmatched Gaming System” in a brand new wrapping.

Unlike other games where the decks are similar for balance, as is the case with “Dice Throne,” “Unmatched” makes sure to lean in harder on strategic execution and a deeper decision-making process. Luck simply has no place in this game. In July, Dire Wolf Digital released the PC and mobile versions of Everdell.  Also last month, Big Trouble Game Studio confirmed that it’s developing the legacy board game “The King’s Dilemma” into a PC game as well.

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