Restoration Games and Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze.
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The Unmatched series by Restoration Games has made a name for itself by juxtaposing opponents from across the vastness of human creation and putting known figures from history, myth, legend and beyond against each other in an epic battle. Now, the company wants you to experience the Unmatched series in a completely different way, and this is where “Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze” comes in. 

Face New Challenges Alongside Your Friends

Tales to Amaze brushes aside the traditional rivalry you can expect to find in a typical Unmatched battle, with the 1-4 players bandying together instead to take on brand new challenges. In this you-against-the-bad-guys format, the game features villains of the mid-20th century, with the first ones to enter the battlefield being the Martian Invader and Mothman.

To defeat the villains, players would need to work together and meet each villain on their turf, fighting through terrains that they are not familiar with while also skirmishing with the minions that the villains have called to their aid. This way, players will face off with Skunk Ape, The Blob, Jersey Devil, Loveland Frog, Ant Queen, and Tarantula in Tales to Amaze.

But hold on, because designers Darren Reckner and Jason Hager are bringing new champions to come to your aid as well. The new game will feature interesting pulp and popular characters to fight the horrors, such as Annie Christmas, Nikola Tesla, The Golden Bat, Dr. Jill Trent, and Science Sleuth.

Expect Kickstarter In March, Fulfilment in July 2023 

Each of these characters will bring their unique twists and gameplay mechanics to the battlefield to make for a worthwhile way to enjoy your favorite series. A Kickstarter campaign is set for March 23, 2023, with the fulfilment of the new game set for July 2023, not least owing to Restoration Games’ established supply chains and commitment to bringing excellent products to bear.

Restoration Games also introduced Unmatched Digital Edition developed by Acram Digital on February 28. As to the upcoming release, Restoration Games is stoked and wants to see at least 5,000 people follow the campaign ahead of its official launch. Get cracking! 

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